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Barn Door Benefits

Barn doors can be the main focal point in your home. Not only do they change the feel of a room, it can change the way you look at your home.

  • Save on Space: Every room is different, and hinged doors just take up too much space. Barn doors almost sit flush against the wall while it glides back and forth easily.

  • Convenience: Since it takes up less room, it leaves plenty of space for tables, furniture, and other home items. 

  • Open/Close With Little Effort: Barn doors glide effortlessly, which makes it easy to open and close them. 

  • Easy to Install: Even though some general knowledge is needed, you do not need to be a contractor to install your own barn doors. All you need is the door(s), track system, and possibly a supporting trim piece.

  • Aesthetics: Barn doors just look fantastic! No matter what style you may choose, barn doors are aesthetically pleasing.

  • Home Resale Value: Adding barn doors increases the overall value of your home.


Things to Keep in Mind

  • Make sure there is enough wall space when taking measurements. At least double the door size when estimating the dimensions of the rail kit.

  • Watch out for light switches, electrical sockets, or anything else that could obstruct the door from opening or closing.

  • Some door trims and baseboards can obstruct the barn door from operating correctly. A supporting board may be required to correct these issues.

  • Barn doors do not come with locks. However, there are several aftermarket solutions that can be added.